• The Academic Media Production (AMP) is a small production office composed of student workers overseen by a full time staff mentor. The mission of the AMP is to produce high quality media projects while giving students the opportunity to work in a professional media production environment. All projects are produced by students. We concentrate in media projects that enrich, contribute to, and expand SAIC’s Academic Mission.

    Submitting a request does not guarantee the production and completion of a project. SAIC’s Academic Cabinet will review all proposals and choose a few projects based on relevance, viability, and resources available at the time of the submission.

    We do not offer documentation of lectures or events.

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  • The AMP is student run, therefore maximum support from the requester is needed.
  • Please include name and department affiliation.
  • Please include name and department affiliation.
  • Please include name and department affiliation.
  • (The AMP does not charge for general production costs, however, there might be additional expenses that might need to be covered by the requester, such as professional voiceover artist, location fees, etc. )

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  • Notes

    - As mentioned above, we do not offer documentation of events or lectures. We may shoot portions of events as b-roll material or as a relevant element to an approved project.

    - The Academic Media Production team is made up by current SAIC students mentored by professional staff. Even though we aim to highest quality and professional level, please understand that the production is also a learning experience for the students. We must be flexible with our expectations.

    - This proposal request form is also open for administrative departments around the school community, not only to the Academic Departments (i.e. Diversity, Human Resources, Sustainability)